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Perspectiva’s workshops are designed to build the individual skills and confidence necessary to engage constructively in a variety of challenging conversations. All Perspectiva courses are highly interactive and taught via the facilitation method of delivery to maximize participant engagement, learning, and retention. With this purpose in mind, these courses involve role plays, case simulations, the exchange of perspectives, and real-time feedback from faculty and participants. Through this interactive framework, participants learn a variety of skills and perspectives to help them navigate complex business and personal conversations more skillfully. Participants learn how to apply these skills to various scenarios drawn from their setting and review their experiences through a facilitated discussion led by the instructor.  


Core workshop offerings include:

  • Constructive Conversations

  • Conflict Management

  • Implicit Bias

  • Negotiation  


All courses and workshops are designed to help attorneys and other professionals meet their continuing education credits. Perspectiva is able to assist accredited CLE providers/sponsoring organizations with the course application process.    

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